Oh Joy!

I tend to go from the depths of despair to the very pinnacle of happiness in a rather short period of time. This is good, but it does work quite the other way around as well. I’m afraid my happiness is quite too much dictated by my circumstances. So today, I have barely a thing planned, and so I am looking at pictures of he most glorious food and flowers and planning my trip to the French countryside. My heart is bubbly because there are so many wonderful things in the world! There is so much beautiful light, scrumptious food, and happy, whimsical flowers. That’s kind of a list of my obsessions right now. So I want to share some of the beautiful things that I have been enjoying. (isn’t the internet grand?) So here’s a list of delightful links.

This is my new favorite food site! One thing that makes food research infinitely better is good photography, and this, they have. And this avocado kale toast looks like the perfect cure for my breakfast blues. 🙂

Oh am I ready for spring! Here’s a collection of lovely springtime tables for parties. And they are mostly delicious.

And this lovely French lady and her enchanting dishes. She really does slay me. And the best part about it is that it isn’t just pictures of food and a recipe, she adds bits of her life and sometimes even a poem. Anyway, these strawberry tartlets are just too much.

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