I’m am sitting in the Denver airport wracked with boredom, but I don’t know how to upload pictures and I don’t want to post about Europe until I have pics to go along with the rest of the post. So instead of writing about the actual trip I’ll write about the Euro 2008 Soccer Championship. I don’t know why but the youth in our group got really caught up in the games, the very first game we watched was Croatia against Turkey, Frieda and I were cheering for Turkey, Heidi was cheering for Croatia. Turkey won. I felt like joining the throngs that crowded the streets screaming and yelling and honking horns and beating drums etc. But unfortunately I had to go to bed. The next game was Turkey against Germany, this was in Switzerland and everyone was cheering for Germany except Hans, Dietrich, Benji, Frieda, and I. *sigh Germany won. the next game was the Germans against Spain, this time I thought, I like Germany better than Spain, so everyone was cheering for Germany except Hans, Dietrich, Benji, Dad, and Charlie (it’s a girl, but you’ll hear more about her later). Poor Germany. The Spanish won. Anyway I was then plunged into the depths of despair, at least they got second place and, that night I didn’t cry because they were taking it so bravely (who’d think you’d get so caught up in a soccer game 😛 ) Well Dad needs his laptop back and I will try to post very, very soon.

Gooten Tag -Kristi

P.S. Europe is the awesomest!!!