Poetry, Ryhmes, Dittys, and Sisterly Companionship

Here is a poem that I came across the other day, tell me what you think of it:

The sun it rose with majesty,

The clouds were touched with gold,

It shimmered on the rooftops,

The moment now we hold.

Heidi, Trippy, and I are all sitting in the living room making different kinds of art, it is so awesome. Trippy is writing a song for Music II, Heidi is doing stuff with pictures, and I, well I am trying to write poetry, and we’re cracking up at each other 🙂 . Here is a little ryhme thing that Trippy came up with [ it should be read C..D..E…Who..Ha..He]:

C, D, E, Who, Ha, He

Here is another little ditty, one that I came up with, like, just now so it is kinda stupid:

They were dying.He was crying.

Take a penny. Drop it in the well.

Well people, pray for Grandma,

Fare Thee Well,


This and That

Well, this will be a short post because I can only type with one hand since I have an adorable little girl named Emileen in my other hand.  We are babysitting Dwight and Karens kids until like 10:00 tonight. I love babysitting, and I especially enjoy babysitting Dwights kids, so we are having a ton of fun! Well, this is getting a bit tiring writing all this with one hand so I shall bid you all,      Adieu,  -Kristi

P.S. I will be more inclined to post if ya’ll leave comments  🙂