Today’s Definition of Freedom

“I’m so amazed and grateful for how free I can be. I’m so glad Jesus is all-knowing so I can’t hide anything from Him. Because, since I can’t hide anything from Him, it means I don’t need to try. He knows me better than I know myself so I can be completely free with my thoughts and feelings because I’ll never be misunderstood or taken too seriously/not seriously enough.

But, oh, that freedom includes so much more! It includes freely confessing all my junk, sitting with Jesus, and getting better because God sees the righteousness of Christ covering me.

I’ve grown up inundated with Christianity and good theology, but it all clicks and becomes real as I get to know Jesus. Now, it’s trickling from my head to my heart.”

Literally just copied this from my journal, but it’s all so enchanting to me. Maybe next week freedom will mean something different, but this is what freedom is for me today.

10,000 Senses

Sometimes I’m simply overwhelmed by the beauty around me.
The cool, fresh, rain-washed air streaming through my window. The soft crackle and hum of Peter, Paul, and Mary crooning from my phonograph. The shades of grey and blue in the rain clouds. The clear light if the setting sun. I just wish that we had 10,000 senses to absorb it all.