Today was Yoder Day and I really need to be in bed and the only reason I am posting is to keep on posting everyday. Tomorrow I will really write about it all,

Goten Nacht, – Kristi

Third Day of School

Well, the third day of school is over and I for one am exhausted!! But no real rest quite yet, tomorrow is Yoder Day, and of course you have to get up early to go to the pancake breakfast you say go to bed as soon as you get home from school but mei you [pronounced may oh{its Chinese} its no] I have to do Chinese![not that I’m not thankful for Frieda teaching me Chinese, on the contrary, I am most grateful indeed, but sometimes you like to pretend to complain about things that you really are very glad are part of your schedule] and then once I check my email and other peoples blogs I have to do piano practice[ditto] and then a catnap is stolen and, dui, I have to eat supper and then finally I get to go to bed! Anyway back to the second thought of not getting rest this weekend, then Sunday’s church and then of course I might catch a catnap then, but the poor Prince and the Pauper needs to get read. People what I am trying to say is that I am umm… assiduous? occupied? operose? unavailable? People I just might be busy!!!! I think thats the word I was looking for.

Well we all enjoy comments and I must confess that I am actually human, if you don’t get the hint, please leave lots and lots of comments to brighten my day and Joy up my heart! Well

Nihow, -Kristi

P.S. I am going to try to get in the habit of posting every day.

Second Day of School

No panic attacks today! I was cool, calm and collected, as my uncles would say. The only thing is that I wasn’t. Well anyway today we played basketball [which I have not been looking forward to] and I didn’t do to bad though, I suppose that I was the worst player there. Don’t believe these KS kids when they say that there not good at basketball, it isn’t true, we had a fairly fast game as far as I know [don’t believe me though I’m not a good judge of how fast a game is going]. I owe the  fortunate  event of no unfortunate event during basketball mainly to my dear now-in-Thailand-brother sir Benjamin Andrew, because he inspired me, in days of yore, to become a gold medalist in  basketball. Which I certainly am not [ask anyone who has seen me play]. Well I have to go get ready to go to the Hiding Place rehearsal [yes I got in], so for now,

Adieu, -Kristi

First Day of School II

Well the first day of school is officially over, and I for one am relieved! I didn’t do anything horribly stupid, unless you call getting out the two times that you hit in softball, or being one of three or four people in a class of eighteen to take home homework. I got put up at the front of the class, which I was a bit nervous about, and after Math I had a panic attack were it was just a bit hard to breathe, I’ve had one before so I wasn’t worried, and soon calmed myself down.

Right now I would like to publicly thank Caroline [not sure what her last name is] for making me feel as if I fit in all the other girls really welcomed me and everything but, Caroline just went the second mile and made me feel just like I really… belonged or something. And not just this morning whenever we are at the same gathering she seeks me out and dispells any fears I had about being at strange church or in this case a strange school. Don’t get me wrong the other girls did a great job of welcoming me.

Well peoples I think school shall be tolerable![jk I always thought that I would have no trouble whatsoever tolerating it]

Cheerio, -Kristi

First Day of School I

Today is the first day of school. I’m a bit nervous. I have a big advantage over the really new ones that only know two or three people, because I know all the girls in my class and most of the boys. However I persist in being nervous! I even know my teacher[well sorta]! Any way just pray for me if you think of me.

Toodles, -Kristi

Quote of the Night

We were talking about mustaches and why or why not you should have them, and Dad said it doesn’t hurt anything and it’s a small sacrifice for membership in this church. And Dietrich is like “yes it does, it hurts your looks” and then later Heidi was like “can I put that on my blog as Quote of the Day?” and Dietrich said “more like Quote of the Night.” And just now Heidi is like “There’s millions of bugs in the bathroom! Good gravy!”

I have officially decided to leave the posting about Europe to Benji and to  Heidi. Well I’ve gotta go to bed now,

Bonjour, -Kristi