Wedding! Yay!

We just had a wedding in the community. I love weddings (surprise, surprise!), especially this wedding. The reception was loverly! They had a pergola covered with Christmas lights and icicle lights all around the room and all the other main lights were off. It was truly loverly. The dress was also gorgeous, it was very long (of course) and had some elegant, 3/4 length sleeves, and buttons down the back. I love looking at wedding dresses and coming up with cool designs for them.

At this wedding I pretty much stuck with Mom and Dad (something that I don’t do terribly often in this community of wonderful friends my age), which made for a very interesting, and, indeed, enlightening time. I met lots more people (always interesting), heard lots of more varied conversations, re-met people who knew me “oh-so-well” but that I, unfortunately, did not know, and observed many fine specimens of the human race as they talked, looked lonely/bored, or dissembled the reception. Altogether it was a very uplifting and illuminating time. I should do it more often but, then there is the occasional conversation that is so altogether boring that you are really very glad when your dear friend comes and gives you a good reason to slip away.

While we were waiting to be ushered out of the sanctuary and into the receiving line Harry Shenk came up to me and said “There was a poem on the wall of my classroom and it reminded me of you so I thought I would copy it and share it with you.” It was so thoughtful of him and I really appreciated the poem so I thought I would share it with you so you could appreciate it too.It follows:

The gum-chewing girl and the cud-chewing cow

Are strangely alike and yet different somehow.

But what is the difference? I think I know now:

It’s the clear, thoughtful look on the face of the cow.

Doesn’t that just warm your heart? Yes, I was chewing gum. But I didn’t know it was that obvious 🙂 . Abner Schmucker was also chewing gum in front of me so we decided that if I was the girl then he must be the cow 🙂 .

Well the day has ended and it is now the next day so it is past time for me to go to sleep. Sleep! Ah! My beautiful sleep! So for now,


-Sir Kristoph (otherwise known as Kristi), the ever faithful and humble servant of Lady Isabella.

P.S. Feel free to get married and invite me to your wedding.