Not a Hippie Rainbow

Life is so colorful. I don’t mean in a bright, hippie rainbow sort of way. Rather in the contrast that life has. Vivacious green smashed up against deep, painful, angry red, and impenetrable black coursed with rosy pink. Our class prayer meetings are what make me think of this. There’s so much going on beneath the surface of every one of us. Often, here, we share it. And as it comes out, it gets softer and more redemptive. Or it gets brighter and more glorious. But then there’s still a whole world underneath that hue that’s been poured out. You catch ghosts of it in eyes.

It’s a miracle that when I look at each of these people it’s easy to see them in the light of glory. It’s so delightful just to BE with them. To be in their presence, in their laughter, in their heartache. I see the things they will be and are being and I’m well-nigh overwhelmed with the glory. I think of who they are and who Jesus is in them, and I see a future with men and women, large and strong, striding across the world, stooping and lifting people up as they continue to grow. Their footsteps full of the light of Jesus as they continue to grow. Their mouths filled with praise as they continue to grow. Their sorrow turned to seeds as they continue to grow. And they continue to grow, sprouting into the life of Christ. Tumbling headlong into the transformation of Jesus. Into new bodies, new souls, new spirits.

And then I look at the obstacles in their way. Anxiety, depression, warped leadership, abuse, fear, apathy, selfishness, disappointments, broken hearts, stubborn people, sinful people, and their own rotting hearts. I listen and see the pain, the brokenness they’re experiencing right here in the household of faith. And I’m a little mystified. But also, grateful. Because somehow, I don’t understand how or why, but somehow, it’s these things that will make them strong. It’s these things, the dark things, that will make them real and alive. It’s here that the resurrected Christ will do his work most powerfully with the most beauty and abundance. Thanks be to God.