Come and See

John 1:35-51

Come and see.
Come and see the goodness of God in the dewdrop and the fog.
Come and see the mercy of God in the lightning and the rain.
Come and see the love of God in your mother’s eyes and your baby brothers cries.
Come and see.
Come, open your eyes.
Behold, the Lamb of God. The sacrifice, full of grace and truth.
Messiah. Son of Joseph, Son of God, Son of Man, Creator.
Come and see your brother, the firstborn of the dead.
Come and see.
Let his Light penetrate your darkness because your darkness cannot overcome this light.
Come, see, and believe.


I’m not often haunted,
But when I am
They visit together.
All at once,
My heartbreaks.

My sin and them,
My dead, my dying,
My face trying to see me.
My wasted time and stolen eyes.

Doubt like acid rain.
Fear like putrid pain.
A dull, soft stain.

My heart
Not wasted,
But unkept.