Typing Class

The best class of the day, the most hilarious and random class of the day all because we are allowed to talk as long as we keep on typing. This article for the Perspective (the school newspaper) is due on Friday. Any suggestions are appreciated. Any comments otherwise are also encouraged. 🙂

Typing Class

As soon as the bell rings for the end of Bible reading the Freshmen make a general stampede for the Typing room where they proceed to turn on their computers and get into Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, all the while making conversation. Soon it settles down to mostly a constant stream of chit-chat and giggles from the corner where Kristyne and Carol abide. Jonny perks up suddenly and tells us a interesting little story to which MJ says “Duh Jonny” and Marsha just giggles. Shawn adds his two cents and Nathan pronounces us all insane while Mrs. I looks on with amusement and Carolyn just keep on typing and Andrew tells us to shut up cause he can’t think when we’re all yelling. I add a comment or two, which Shawn and Nathan both protest and Carolyn agrees very strongly with. MJ stops typing to very pointedly roll his eyes at me and Mrs. I tells him to keep the eyes on the screen.

There is a lull (except for the constant chattering from the corner), when Marsha reminds me to keep my eyes off the keyboard and on the screen, and Jonny suddenly jubilantly shouts that he got 25 WPM on that lesson. We all say Congratulations very unenthusiastically, and MJ goes off on a rant about how much he hates Mavis Beacon and how she teaches us evolution and how good little Mennonites like us shouldn’t have anything to do with her and that we should just all get someone else to type for us. All of a sudden Nathan lets out a whoop and tells us in very excited tones that he just beat the shark game, without cheating (looking pointedly at me), and I inform him that it isn’t cheating that much to look at the keyboard when your playing a game. Sadly Mrs. I informs me otherwise so my blissful ignorance is shattered. Andrew says that he’s beat the shark game several times but the computer always locks up as soon as he gets to the treasure. MJ thinks it’s because the computer is so astonished. Carolyn starts to read about the murderous penguins in the paragraph she is typing when she is interrupted with a despairing sigh from Marsha who says she got the Constitution one for the 4th time that day. Shawn says she should be thankful that at least she isn’t way behind because her stupid computer didn’t work at first.

At break Lilly comes in and we all laugh at the very altered picture of Mavis Beacon on Andrew’s screen while we put our screen savers to Marquee with various renditions of Work Hard Party Harder scrolling across our screens. Marsha very unpatriotically writes GO WILDCATS!!!!! instead. Then some of us very sneakily get into paint and draw various things while Mrs. I reads us a news item explaining all the terms we might not understand. Some of us (those who are better multi-taskers than others or those who are actually paying attention), answer her thought-provoking questions while others look a tad clueless, all however try to keep her engaged so we go overtime on the break. Soon however we all get back to work and a similar scene to that was earlier described once more takes place. So that is a small and unexciting glimpse into typing class because if we would reveal all the awesome and hilarious things that go on in there you would all come running to get in on some of it (some of that and some of the candy that benefactors send). But seriously how could awesomeness not pervade a room in which the super amazing freshmen grace with their presence?


P.S. As you can see my dearest Isabella, you truly inspire me. I even have Kristoph as my typing name.