Capricious Comments

I love the KS thunderstorms. We had some cool ones in VA but they don’t compare very much 🙂 . The lightning is the best part about the storms. It is so gorgeous! We saw the makings of a tornado the other day. It was awesome (as in awe-inspiring), there were these huge dark clouds going in a circle rather too swiftly for our comfort  above the highway where we were headed. We decided to turn back.

Life is sorta sad and lonesomish. Heidi is gone to Mexico and I am missing her terribly. And one of the  sweetest elderly ladies ever just took her journey to the everlasting land (she also is one of my best friends grandma).

But, life isn’t  bad and there are really good times 🙂 . Like sleepovers and surprise birthday parties. And hello! it’s summer and unless things are seriously wrong summer is a good time. 🙂

The Chronicles of Narnia are the coolest books ever! I just got done re-reading most of the series and fell head-over-heels in love with them once again. C. S. Lewis is a genius, I do believe.

Speaking of books, here is an awesome quote from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “Everything here is eatable. I’m eatable. But that, my children, is called cannibalism. And it is frowned upon in most societies.” -Willie Wonka. Another cool quote, “I love drama it’s so dramatic!” I’m afraid I don’t remember the name of the excitable person who said the aforementioned quote. Oh, and one more, from Wives & Daughters, “I’m not saying she was silly, but one us was silly and it wasn’t me.” -Squire Hamely.

If you haven’t ever read or watched Bridge to Terebithia you really, really should. It is awesome! And if you like that then you should also read Gone-Away Lake and Return to Gone-Away, because they are seriously awesome. Those books just about epitomize what I wanted to happen to me when I was younger (and right now). Oh, and btw if any of ya’ll know of any other books like that I would love to read them. Kinda along the same lines, I have some money that I want to spend on books so I’m looking for good suggestions. I enjoy the story kind andsometimes the more interesting (entertaining is maybe a better word) “grown-up” or philosophical, non-story books.  Now I sound like a classified ad 🙂 .

Well, cheerio! Have a good life!

-Kristi aka Kik