A Prayer

Oh Jesus!

My stomach is lead.

My heart is throbbing with pain.

Those around me don’t understand, but You, my Father and my God, you understand better than I do myself.

The wharf-ropes of my soul have been severed, and I drift, lost in the dark, endless sea. I long for Your Bright Morning like a woman longs for her love to return from the depths of the sea.

My soul lies bare in the desert, and the sun beats mercilessly down on my open wounds.

My head knows Your love, but my heart demands an answer. My body continues on, but my spirit just sits in the wreck of my heart and weeps.

But hear! I am crying out to a living God, who does all things well. My Savior does not sleep, but rather, like a nurse at the bedside of a sick child, waits to hear my cry for help!

You know the ways of Your fallen servant, that snake, and You will bring diamonds out of this destruction.

Help me see the goodness of Your faithful love!

I will not be enslaved by the darkness of bitterness. Let me see Your Light! Release me from these heavy chains! Bind me instead with love to Your heart!

Jesus! Help me to praise!