The Best Day Ever! And Growing Up…

Yesterday was one of the best days ever!! It was Field Day so we only had to work till 1:00. And it was tons of fun screaming our heads off trying to cheer people on 🙂 . And the coolest part is that our team won!!  Hooray for the V2’s!

After school was over, we had the memory party for any one who had said extra Bible memory.  You could say either 200, 400, or the whole book of Mark (approx. 600 vs.), Jordan, MJ, Caroline, and Nate said the whole book! I just said 200 🙂 . Anyway, after school we played stuff like tackle basketball and jump rope and hula-hoop games (BTW, tackle basketball isn’t half as bad as it sounds) while the teachers finished up whatever they had to do. Then we piled into several vehicles and went to William Hershbergers for the party! When we got there we ran around for a while and then played volleyball, which was way better than it usually is, and then we ate. Food, wonderful food, we had grilled chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, chips and iced tea. It was indescribably good!

After we ate, we played more volleyball  and laughed and acted crazy. Soon we went back and sat around the fire and had ice-cream cones.  Then I went down to the creek  and played poohsticks, went in up to my knees (the water was absolutely perfect), and did various other things before we had to go home 😦 . William Hershbergers place was so perfect! Anyway, it was a pretty awesome day!

And when I got home I had a amazing-cool book to read that I had never read before called “Daddy-Long-Legs” by Jean Webster that I borrowed from Miss Andrea. I finished it this afternoon so I guess I need to go get the sequel 🙂

I can’t believe I only have two more weeks of gradeschool! It’s sad actually because I will miss all the little kids and we will go from the big bad eighth graders to the pipsqueaks. But, I guess it’s all part of “growing up”. Do you ever feel like not growing up but just staying  a kid all your life? I do a lot of the time, but then I want to be able to be in the youth group and go to bible school and eventually get married and have kids. But, life would be so simple if I just wouldn’t get older.

Oh, well. Time travels on, despite whether we want it to. And right now I need to go pack my clothes up to move to Cottonwood.

Cheerio!    -Kristi