January 30, 133

Caesar Marcus Didius Severus Julianus was born 1,878 years ago today. He was born to Quintus Petronius Didius Severus, the son of a prominent family in Milan, and Aemilia Clara, an African woman of Roman descent. After the previous Ceasar was killed, the assassin said he would sell the throne to the man who paid the highest price. He won (against the assassined’s father-in-law) at the price of 25,000 sesterces per soldier. And although the Senate didn’t support him at first, they later gave their support when they were threatened by the army. He was not supported by the people and whenever he appeared in public he was saluted with groans, deprecations and shouts of robber and parracide. So after only 3 months of reigning, the army (since they had already gotten the money) turned against him in favor of the general Sextus Cornelius Repentinus. He was executed and his last words were “But what evil have I done? Whom have I killed?” His body was given to his wife, Manlia Scantilla, and his daughter, Didia Clara.

Now, all I’m wondering is why the guys got long names and the girls only got short little names?


P.S. If I ever have an Amelia, I am definitely spelling her name Aemilia.

Yo 2011

Cheerio 2010!

Yo world. Yo Sophomore Year. Yo Miss-15-years-old-almost-in-the-youth-group-already-has-your-permit-Kristi. Yo ’11 drama. Yo all the terrible things that will happen in 2011. Yo all the awesome music of 2011. Yo 2011.

Well, 2011 should be the best year yet. At least in the my little world. 🙂  I am looking forward to this summer like no summer before. Mostly because Heidi will FINALLY be home for good and she will not be traipsing off half way around the world or going to Bible School or engaging in  any other such occupations, Benji will be home for the summer, Hans will be home (unless he finds some deal to go to Antartica for 5 weeks that he just can’t resist), Dietch will be home because he can’t drive and Mom and Dad wouldn’t let him go gallivanting off to Narnia or anything, I will be home because I can’t drive (though I do hope Mom and Dad will let me go prancing off to North Carolina to visit my 3/4 sister for a couple of weeks), and Mom and Dad will be home unless of course they decide to go trotting off to New Zealand for their 25th anniversary (which Mom has been dreaming about for 15 years). And that, my friends, is the reason that this summer should be exceptionally good. And so here are a few things I would like to do in 2011:

Visit Mia-my-dear, for two weeks or more =)

Get good scores in Math

Read a bunch of old books like The Inferno by Dante

Eat escargo

Tell the most wonderful people in the world that I love them

Get a better handle on politics

Lose weight (haha)

Discover an awesome book (already accomplished that [thanks Benj])

Develop a greater appreciation for poetry

Learn more about world history

Develop a closer relationship with God

Read the Bible more frequently

Learn how to witness better

Go somewhere new

Meet lots of new people

So Cheers to the new year and the changes that will come.