Once in a Lifetime Event!!

This is amazing! I just did something phenomenal! I still can’t really believe it! Hannah you will be especially amazed! I just beat Dietrich at Monopoly!!! This has never happened! Dietrich is so good he even occasionally beats Dad!! And Dad is the last word in Monopoly! This calls for celebration!!! I must confess though Dad did help me quite a bit, but still this is fantastic like literally (conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; odd and remarkable; bizarre;).This is seriously amazing!

On another note, yesterday I went over to Christy’s house and we went on a long ramble like usual and then it looked kinda stormy so we went back to the house and about five, or ten minutes later it started to hail pea-sized hail abd we were pretty glad we came in when we did! After a while it started to hail quarter-sized hail! After a while it stopped and we went out and we were literally walking barefoot on ice! It was great! All of a sudden we decided to make ice-cream with the hail so we gathered up a bunch and were just getting ready to make ice-cream when Mom called and said I have to come home and take care of Dietch while she and Dad went somewhere :*( .  Well I was consoled by the book that Christy gave me but it was still disappointing.

Well, I should go practice piano, so c’ya


P.S. I hit a new record the other day!  I walked 6.5 miles the other day!