Maturity and Complicated

Why is it I want to title every single new post Random? 🙂


I still go out with Dietch and have huge complicated imaginary battles/adventures/rescues/sabotages/everything in between. Is this a sign of immaturity?  Should I be moving on to something more “grown up” for my outdoor recreation? Should I let Dietch have adventures by himself while I go on a walk? Or is it good for me to playact?

There was a point when I didn’t do go play with Dietch for a while and I found that it was hard to go back and come up with something to do. I was afraid I had lost some of my imagination and grown up a little too much. So after that I played with Dietch often.

However, also during that time I was drawing a lot and perhaps my imagination was being expressed more “maturely.” But now I am doing both a lot of drawing and playing with Dietch. I don’t know what that means, but yennyway.


Recently I have been thinking about what I am really doing with my life right now when I am 14 and 11 months old. I know I’m preparing myself for the life ahead and all that rot, but does that mean that I can or should just sit and eat, sleep, and go to school? I want to do something here in Reno County (or anywhere) to help someone or I don’t know just do something. I really don’t care much what it is, just something that will do a little bit to help someone and show them God’s love.

The big question is what? I can’t drive myself to town to help at the soup kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter). I’m not exactly a talented seamstress or anything like that. I can’t really even make money to give away.

But then I think, well, maybe I am just being discontent and I should just focus on getting better scores, becoming an accomplished pianist, and reading books to help me in the future. But then, just tonight I was reading a book about God’s will for us and it said to just do something. Stop waiting around and putting it off. The book was probably aimed at an older person, but why shouldn’t it apply to me too?

Anyway, I guess for now I’m just gonna have to do whatever I can to help me in the future.