Mom is at this moment carrying a radish, lettuce, and tomato [sadly not from our garden 😦 ] sandwich to Dad. The radishes and lettuce are from our garden! I just wanted to share the marvelous news!

Ciao -Kristi

Hannah’s Birthday Party and Hans

HANS CAME HOME TODAY!!!!!!!! And I’m excitedly excited!!

Hannah had her birthday party today, for the people who don’t know she turned 16. I arrived in a very hyper mood [not unusual]. For some reason the talk center around fairies [at least while we were outside] and I was greatly harassed about my pretended belief in them. Shane and Benji were some of the worst ones and I’m certain they will find thorns or, something awful in there beds tonight, or they should! Anyway the worst part about it was that I could not say things right, so was further humiliated. After a while we got cold and went inside, we cut the cake and had further amusing conversation[I should take pen and paper to Miller gatherings 🙂 ]. Well “The Two Towers” is calling and the call is very convincing, so I shall not linger.

Cheerio! -Kristi

P.S. For those who don’t know Millers are very “mean” to each other:)


On Sunday after church all the Millers in Hutch came over to our house in Nickerson and had lunch there. The activities afterwards included having highly amusing conversation after lunch around the table, playing on guitars ( on Heidi and Grants part), looking at Lowell’s Central America pictures, lying around on the couch and some of the elders (including Shane 🙂 ) taking naps. I’m sorry that I don’t have any pictures but since I am not one of those privileged people who have a camera I must depend on what my older siblings produce. For now, adieu. -Kristi