Be Embarrassed

Well, I guess I will wait to post part II of the office until I feel inspired.

I have been thinking a lot about why we are so concerned about what other people think, and why other peoples actions can have such a huge effect on us. Why are there sometimes bratty people who are extremely cool, and even though people don’t like the bratty person, they try to be cool around them so that the bratty person will like them. Why couldn’t they all just be themselves and have a great time and not worry about meeting the cool person’s agenda and impressing them?

We are reading Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love for Sunday school right now, and several times he has made me remember that what people think really, seriously doesn’t matter. Think about this scenario. All of eternity is spread out for God to see. When He looks at the highlights of your life, do you think you will want Him to see how you were the most popular kid in highschool and how that guy on the plane was impressed with how much you knew about current events? Don’t you think that will seem really silly in front of God? When God sent His Son to die for you, you re-payed Him by earning the praise of men. Wouldn’t you rather have Him see how you befriended that annoying kid (to the demise of any dreams of popularity), and witnessed to the smart guy on the plane even though you kinda made a fool of yourself? Like seriously, think about it.

Do you know a thing about stuff that your great-great-grandparents did? I don’t know a single thing about them, except that they were Amish. So just think, you will be obsolete in four generations. That could make you sad, but to me, it’s kind of freeing. I don’t have to be perfect, because in approximately 400 years, I will be forgotten. So I can do whatever crazy embarrassing things for God and it doesn’t matter, cause no one will remember it in a couple hundred years. And I will have the eternal rewards in heaven, as well as the blessings God promises for any descendants of mine. Doesn’t that excite you?

Keep in mind that what you do today will influence those around you and your descendants, but as long as you follow God it’ll do good things and it doesn’t matter if it is embarrassing. Because in couple hundred years no one will care that you are a freak, and it will have a big pay-off in Heaven. (David Yoder gave me permission this morning to do stuff for the reward) 🙂

So, I guess this is all to say, if you are doing what God wants you to do, it doesn’t matter if it really freaks you out and is incredibly embarrassing. And most of ya’ll have probably figured this out already, but maybe some of ya’ll haven’t so I thought I’d share my revelation so that you could see it and so that I can periodically look back and remind myself.

Ciao Bellas!