This World Keeps Spinnin’ Faster…

Hans and Frieda are dating. I know, like major OMW and stuff.

I am going to South Africa this summer. I am going to see a giraffe. In the wild.

I have finished my first dress ever in the world. My freshmen year is over (waah!) (yay!) (I kinda have mixed feelings about it). I miss Benji and Mia. I am fifteen, have one year to the youth group, two years to my junior year (eek!), and three years to eighteen. Three short years. Seriously, who told time to speed up as life gets older?

Justin. Maybe he was a little kooky. Maybe he was inspired and just praying out loud. Maybe he was just a regular guy ruining his lungs. He was sitting outside of Metro and I was sitting in the car like five feet away from him. I felt as though I should go talk to him. So I sat and cowered for a while then finally worked up the courage to go up to him. I decided I would start brilliantly with, “Hello, how are you doing?” he answered with a lil grin and we introduced ourselves and commented on the nice evening. Then he said, “I just wanna say, Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” And I thought maybe I could minister to him (silly, proud little me).  I agreed quite heartily and he continued to say he prayed a lot and after running on the spiritual vein for a while, I asked if he lived in Hutch and he hesitantly said he lived in Buhler and was taking the train back there when it came at like three a.m.

We conversed a little while longer then with an “enjoy your coffee” I went back in the car. As I turned away I noticed that, judging by the rather large pile of cigarette stubs beside him, was on the last of his pack. As soon as I got back into the car, I thought of a million different things I should have said to him, the foremost of which was asking if there was anything that I might be able to do for him. But of course I was kinda scared about it becoming awkward so I kinda hurried away.

Just before we drove away, he came up to the window and kept a nice distance and told us several times that if we were uncomfortable with this then we should tell him right away, and he wondered if we would drive him to the train station because he didn’t have a car of his own (God used him to help himself even though I was too scared to help him). Thankfully, Hans was just about ready to leave and so while he went across the road to “get something” (aka buy some more cigarettes), Heidi went in and told Hans about the situation. He readily agreed and Justin got the ride I assume he was praying for and I got an incredible blessing.

You know what it made me think of? There are probably millions, literally millions, of opportunities for immense blessings like these but we miss them all the time because we are too scared, not sensitive to God, or sit around waiting for the “right” time (I did that once, and you know what? that contact might have made the difference for someone’s soul if I had obeyed the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I simply pray that God will somehow use my fear for good in that man’s life and that he will find God), but you know what? Now is the time. You are  never going to get any less scared, and (Warning: totally true cliche) courage is not the absence of fear, but it is doing something even though you are terrified. And I need to stop stalling cause “I don’t know what to say”, because God says He’ll give you the words to speak. I have about three billion miles to go in learning all this so this is just some of my thoughts. But I am responsible for every single person that doesn’t know about Jesus Christ. And I feel guilty for missing that one opportunity. Imagine the burden from millions of missed opportunities accumulated over a lifetime. Thankfully, God forgives those acts of disobedience, but that’s no reason to be static.

Who is your hero? I have a list of spiritual heroes, activist heroes (people who changed their world for the better), just plain cool heroes, and artistic heroes. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever listed them quite like that. Does it embarrass you to tell your heroes (the living ones, that is) that they are your hero? To me, for some reason, it seems childish or like flattery. What do you think? Or is it just me being proud because I don’t want to tell them that they are so far ahead of me in whatever their area of heroism is? Anyhoo….

I am going to Africa, so I kinda have to finish getting ready (yay, yay, yay!).