My Awesome New Green Thing

The other day we took Benji to the airport, so Dietch, Heidi, Sonya, and I were in Wichita at about 7:oo a.m. with nothing to do. So we went to Wal-mart. And we looked at dvd’s and we looked at awesome sandals that were too small for me, but perfect for Heidi (of course). Then we looked at clothes, and Dietch got very bored, and I saw the most hilarious awesome green thing (for lack of a better word, it wasn’t a shirt and it wasn’t a dress). It was very flowy and light and airy, and it had lovely bead-work and patterns all in this most wonderful emerald green. But it was 15$. I don’t pay fifteen dollars for stuff I’m not going to even wear in public. So we went and looked at the food. And then we came back and looked at the green thing again. I knew if Mom were along she would think it was rather ridiculous, and wouldn’t buy it for me. And I normally don’t spend my money on clothes. Heidi thought I should just get it because I liked it so much. And then I remembered that Dietch (my dear brother Dietch), had given me money for my birthday! So he agreed that he would let me but that with the money he gave me even though he personally despised the thing. I tried to find a picture of it but I couldn’t find one.

So we left Wal-mart several bandanas and a green thing richer. Then we proceeded to go garage saling, and shopping and eating until around 4 that afternoon. It was probably the longest, most awesome day I have ever had in Wichita.

So now I breeze around the house in my awesome green thing and run and hide whenever the Fed Ex guy comes because I look so preposterous in it. But I love it and so I am glad that I spent fifteen whole dollars on it instead of putting in my college fund.

Summertime rocks!