Guys, you seriously can’t believe what has just happened to me. It is absolutely awesome! Dad has just informed me that he [with the help of one David Norman, a man who tunes our piano] has just bought a new Baldwin upright piano! I am so happy, not bouncy all-over-you happy but rather quiet-unbelievably happy. I don’t know why, it is not like it is our first real piano. Perhaps it is because the other one was not really ours, but rather Maria Stutzmans. I can not wait until we get it tuned and I can play on it! The other piano is irreparably hurt, and I did love it like my own, and I am sad that it can no longer sing. The piano tuner says that we will absolutely love the sound of this one and that it is good for amateur pianists. Well, that is all for tonight except a QOTD.

We were gathered around the supper table having a hilarious time and I was about choking on my grapes when suddenly Dad has a stroke of a genius and says “Kristi is choking on her jokes!”