Isn’t news a cool word? The word turns the adjective new, into an noun. Sorta. I don’t understand some of the stuff I read like Hans or  Dad would, but I still love news. It’s so exciting to be able to learn about the letters that people wrote to Jackie Kennedy after JFKs death, and how the stock market is finally coming back, and how Tom Hanks is reshaping American history. Weird right? I mean about Tom Hanks 🙂 But seriously, how cool is it to know that whenever you want to you can pick up a newspaper, go online or look at a recent news magazine and find out what the world is doing, what calamities they’re suffering, and what French kids get for lunch every day. You should seriously read about the French kids lunches. It’s oober interesting, a five course meal. No kidding.

We have achievement tests tomorrow  so I need to get my rest *rolls eyes*. Oh well, nothing is as bad as it seems.