Young, Wild, and Free


Wild hair, light on our face,

Sun burned and bare legged,

Arms outstretched to the wind,

Emotion we can’t contain.

Cold nights, laughing at the stars,

Holding tight and letting go,

I am and we are.

Present–forgetful of past pain and future failures.

Empty wallets, full hearts,

Cannon-balling into the future,

Embracing uncertainty, and bright eyes wide open.

Someday we’ll slow down,

Someday we’ll get some sleep,

Someday we’ll build our houses,

But today we’ll simply be

Dead to cares and happy.

Young, Wild, and Free.

Rejoice, young man, while you are young…Banish emotional stress from your mind, and put away pain from your body; for youth and the prime of life are fleeting. -Ecclesiastes 11:9a,10 NET