10 Things

I am so uninspired to write that it is pathetic! So I will make lists. Lame I know but, anyway.

10 Things I’ve Done This Week

1. Laughed at Eugene, Connie, and all the other people in Adventures in Odyssey

2. Did corn.

3. Had Brandy, Jessamy, Kenya, and Marian over for a swimming party.

4. Acquired a Yorkie puppy named Toto.

5. Gave Toto baths.

6. Heard some wonderful things from Raymond Burkholder.

7. Saw Carol again at long last.

8. Had tomato sandwiches.

9. Had my interview with the ministers. :0

10. Went swimming multiple times resulting in a rather painful sunburn.


10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Doing donuts with the mower.

2. Making pie with Grandma.

3. Sitting down and eating with my whole family.

4. Playing volleyball in the rain.

5. When someone opens the door for me.

6. Music.

7. Ice-cream.

8. Meeting new people or people that I have heard about but never met before.

9. A wedding invitation and/or going to a wedding.

10. A newly mowed lawn.

And last but not least I am going to put in a sales pitch for Michelle Beachy and Christy Smucker’s new book “Marital Bliss With a Kiss of Reality.” If you are a new bride or a soon-to-be new bride I would suggest reading this (or if you are a girl that randomly picks up your Mom’s books and reads them because your new book hasn’t arrived from Amazon yet). Well, I hope you enjoy this short and (hopefully) sweet post.

Cheerio!     -Kristi (otherwise known as a big green giant)