Life is Good

Life is very, very good right now. At least one of my brothers are home, I am doing ok-ish in Math, History and Science are extraordinarily interesting at the moment, and I have the coolest, allow me to repeat, the COOLEST friends in the world! I can hardly believed how incredibly blessed I am.  Now if only I could learn how to fly.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely, phenomenally awesome to fly? Seriously, imagine it, soaring above the land on a day when you can see for miles, with the wind in your face and the sun on your back. Or imagine a day when it is kinda languid and wind still, and you just kinda drift around, watching things happening down below, not really caring what happened as long as you didn’t have to do much. Dude, it makes me glustchich for heaven 🙂

On another note, I have started piano lessons with Mr. Stutzman again (get the pun, note..piano 🙂 which I am VERY pleased about. BTW to any 6-8 year olds out there, now is the time to start, you will be so glad I can almost guarantee it. I can’t wait until I can play really awesome stuff that is kinda complicated but sounds so awesome :).

Here are two limericks that Lois Yoder and I (otherwise known as Lykm) wrote in Reading class the other day they’re kinda dumb, but hey, we are still amatuers:

There was a young chick of Bombay,

Who laid an egg in the hay,

When she arose,

She found her nose,

Had fallen to dancing ballets.

And the next one:

A handsome young knight of Lome,

Went to church with a gnome,

The gnome sang off-key,

And started to flee,

And so the knight ran home.

For the third line on that last one we had melee, but unfortunately it is pronounced maalaa (I don’t know why), so a perfectly poetical line had it’s career dashed on the rocks by the dictionary. Isn’t it pitiful…. 🙂 And for anyone who is a geography type of person, there is such a place as Lome.

It really is happy-jolly, we don’t have any school tomorrow as this is the end of the quarter and the teachers are having a work day. My condolences to the poor little highschoolers, who have no such privileges as us their”humble servants” 😀 No I really am sorry….kinda…a little bit…..ok, not really.

Now then, I really must scram lest I be overtaken by the wrath of my dearly beloved sister who is requesting the use of her generously loaned computer.

Cheerio!!   -Kristi