Happy Things

God and time spent with Him makes me happy, at least when I’m not being thick.

Books are my portal to other worlds and when I have time, I devour them with delight. Knitting is an on again, off again activity, and when I say I am an amateur and do it mostly for relaxation purposes, please believe that I am certainly not being modest. Music is one of my favorite things in the world. I like to plink around on a piano, but I am also quite amateur in this area as well. I’ve composed some and I love learning about music theory.

Food is kind of the best thing ever. Good food is like a beautiful song, (wait, I just though of a good blog post). My food heroes are Rene Redzepi, Jamie Oliver, and to some extent my father’s cousin’s wife, Melinda. I am far better at eating food than making it, and my family would attest to the culinary disasters that have appeared in our kitchen when I take the wheel. However, I am slowly learning and my previously non-existent instincts seem to be developing if a painfully slow rate (unlike my sister, Heidi, who was inventing delicious things practically from the cradle [an exaggeration, but you get the idea]).

Rain, flowers, succulents, moss, all green growing things, mist and fog, Britain, people, brilliance, chocolate, tea, wellies, umbrellas, old buildings, Anne of Green Gables, coffee, peanut butter, handwriting, history, dogs, curls, wooden things, Nutella, traveling, hands, walking, strange things, hot air balloons, happy people, and light. This list could probably go on for quite a while, so I will simply add that I also enjoy etiquette and ice-cream.


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