Writing Exercise | Day 3

Today I noticed the importance of being present with those around you. We visited my great aunt Judy on her deathbed today. I say we visited her, but we really visited her husband and children. We didn’t talk about much of anything important or remarkable, we even sat in comfortable silence several times. But we weren’t there to say things. We were there to be there. To acknowledge that even though this is common and sacred part of our lives, it is still hard. It is the earthly end of so much love and life and history. We were there to show them that we are here, we are available, and we care. We are bound together loosely in blood, tighter in community and culture, but most closely in common adoption. Their pain is our pain. It is times like this I feel very small,  a tiny part in the great, big church. But the smallness isn’t frustrating or discouraging. It’s empowering to know I’m one of many tiny parts, and I have my specific job and part to play. But if I mess up, there’s so much grace and help, and I’m only a tiny part. 


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