A Writing Exercise

I’m doing a ten day writing exercise. The requirements are that you must spend five to ten minutes writing every day, and you must begin with “Today I noticed…” 

I will be publishing my ramblings unabridged and unedited hopefully every day. Here is day one:

Today I noticed that I really don’t understand people and I am unable to control myself or those around me. I want to do these great things and I want to help others do great things, but I can’t even make myself focus enough to do a little great thing, much less inspire someone else with the desire to. I need to not be bogged down by my failures and mistakes. I can’t get pulled into the vortex that is this little white rectangle (my phone). I can’t get sucked into the quicksand of inertia or shame. I need to take one tiny step today. Christine Caine said something on the Relevant podcast about having a proper mentality. If we have a picture of where we want to be in our minds and we look at where we are, nowhere near that ideal we get bogged down by shame and discouragement. Rather we need to see the ideal, head for it but focus on the little bit we can do right now towards accomplishing that. All the while realizing while we’re not there yet, we are moving forward and we are closer than we were yesterday. And cliche though it may be, it’s all about daily, giving it all to God and daily saying I’m not my own person. That’s what I noticed today. 


2 thoughts on “A Writing Exercise

  1. I found your blog some time ago and loved your writings. I’m happy now to know the writer. 🙂
    I love what you wrote and it is so full of truth. I connect with the tension you describe…that of wanting to be all I feel I should be but feeling the frustration of it not happening overnight, and sometimes just struggling to take the little steps that will help that ideal to become a reality.
    Good words, Kristi! And I think I may join you in that writing challenge. 🙂

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