Food Post


This summer I want to cook more, and so I did.
I was feeling sophisticated, so I pretended I worked at Noma with René Redzepi, and asked myself what things I could use to make something that would be local and fresh.

So I gathered wood sorrel and mulberries and made something. I knew I wanted to reduce the mulberries and use all three components of the sorrel (leaves, seed pods, and flowers), but I felt like both of these things would make good secondary elements but bad primaries. So I stole the last bit of yesterday’s pork tenderloin from mom’s lunch (literally from her plate), chilled everything, and this is what resulted. I plated with a snipped plastic bag and a tweezers (and fingers I admit), snapped some pictures, and crossed my fingers, hoping it wouldn’t be dreadful.

I wasn’t exactly sure how one is supposed to eat food that is tweezer-plated, but they just use forks on master chef, so I went that route.
The moment of truth.
First, the rich sweetness (almost jam-like) of the mulberries then the meaty salt of the pork caressed my palate. It was eatable! Even enjoyable! But alas! Where was the burst of sour sorrel that was supposed to surprise and delight? It wasn’t to be found in the richness of the mulberry and pork umami. So I’ll call it a garnish, and say it wasn’t meant to be tasted anyway. 🙂

Dietch tasted it, nodded and said it was good. Benji tasted, looked pensive, asked if I made it up, then gave me a high five.

I think I’ll go low brow next time and somehow marinate my pork in the mulberries, cause it was a little magical.


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