Really, Really EXCITED!!!!!!!! I am seriously EXCITED!!! I am really EXCITED about the play!!!!! My whole entire 7th and 8th grade class are coming for the informance!! Guys tomorrow is our first performance!!!! o my pink monkeys!! Guys I love, love, LOVE the cast the crew the whole kaboodle!!! guys seriously, ok VA people, remember the time that you saw me happy, I am ten times more happy!!! And people from school I am about 5 times more happy then when I left!! This is a dream come true for me!! Seriously like from the first moment that I heard the word theater I wanted to be in a real play, not just a school play but a real full-fledged play!!!!!!! We got it all: costumes, make-up, tech guy [he is cool], lights, director, everything! I mean what more could I want!!??!!??

Well there is one thing that is lacking, and that is the presence of these people, which cannot be here but mean the world to me; Hans, Benji, Merry, Susie, Maria, Brian and Sara, Pete and Vi, Linda [Starling], dozens of cousins, all the people from the VA school, and many more. But there is one more who is the most important, and that is Grandma Jane, I know that she would have loved to see us up there an the stage, and would give us great big hugs afterward, she would have been so happy that my dream was finally coming true. She was the sweetest Grandma anyone can ever have and I just want to say that I love her with all my heart and I wish I could have known her better.

Well, thank God that I can be in this play, and really pray that we will alldo really well,

Goodnight,Ā  – Kristi


5 thoughts on “EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yes, you are obviously excited! Can’t wait to see it! And I agree with you that your Grandma Jane was the sweetest lady! I loved her for a SS teacher…and she always gave the preschool kids candy after church. I remember how utterly sad it was when you were too old…. heartbreaking šŸ˜‰

  2. Hope it goes well my dear!!! šŸ™‚ I am so happy you get to be in the play – and oh how I wish I could be there!! you will do a SUPERB job I am sure! šŸ™‚ will be thinking of you lots…..linda

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