Instead of…

This is what we did with our chapel groups instead of dare base;

1. Go get a jump rope to hold onto

2. Walk backward once around the church

3. Do ten jumping jacks

4. Sing a noisy song very loudly [perhaps building up the temple]

5. Go find another group to shake hands with

6. Go say something friendly to one of the teachers

7. Run from the music room to the southwest corner of the property

8. Stand on one foot, flap your arms, and crow like a rooster while laughing wildly

9. Go get a ride on the merry-go-round

10. Go down into the basement and touch the bottom block on the east wall, six blocks from the northeast corner [now that is KS for you!!]

11. Recite a Bible verse in unison

12. Have fun until the bell rings

Pretty cool, huh? It was fun, MJ, Dietrich, Heidi Hershberger and Marita [ I think] are in my chapel group.

Well, you will probably see another composition post soon as I am writing a book report, however it is probably not going to be much like the other one because it has a totally different purpose and I was in a total different mood when I wrote the letter. Cheerio -Kristi

Random Fact: Mom and Dad are telling Trippy how they got together, it is quite humorous if you have not ever heard it then go and beg Dad on bended knees to tell you and he will recluctanly eagerly tell you [there is nothing he loves better] -Kristi


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