I didn’t have anything better to write about so I am going to give you a letter I wrote a while back for English:

How are you doing? It is long since I have had the pleasure of seeing your face. How ever is the Comte? And little Suzanne, as well as dear Vicomte, is he quite tall? I do hope that Suzanne is at least working on an embroidered quilt. My Evaline has nearly finished hers. And Vicomte, I am sure that he is on his way to becoming a fine huntsman and quite handy with the sword. He does have a fencing tutor, does he not? He should come to England for tutelage. We would receive him or any of you with open arms! Better and better! Why not bring the whole family for a visit? We could meet you at the Bellemere in the country and then proceed to London for the social season! ‘Twould be splendid! And, while we are at it, Suzanne can come out while we are in town! That does make me think, do bring your hoops, they are all the rage and positively no long sleeves, my dear, none whatsoever! They would be totally out of line, and fur is a necessity. I am getting a whole set of fur outerwear. Well, my dear, ‘twould really splendid! I really must say adieu as my seamstress is here for a fitting.                      Farewell

Countess Kristina Georgiana St. Cyr

Well, how do you like it? Mr. Smucker wrote a “good letter” beside it so I suppose it is not to bad.

Leave a comment and I shall thank thee and reccomend thee to thy employers if they be of mine acquaintance.    Ciao, -Kristi

P.S. If you like this I will give you more comp. posts


5 thoughts on “Composition

  1. I should show this to Megan and Melissa. I’m sure they’d howl with laughter while reading it! You should definitely post more of your Comp papers.

  2. Besides having no paragraphs for the eyes to rest… it’s very elegant! Fine young ladies must be skilled in the art of composition, you know, and you are in a fair way to claim that distinction. 🙂

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