Second Day of School

No panic attacks today! I was cool, calm and collected, as my uncles would say. The only thing is that I wasn’t. Well anyway today we played basketball [which I have not been looking forward to] and I didn’t do to bad though, I suppose that I was the worst player there. Don’t believe these KS kids when they say that there not good at basketball, it isn’t true, we had a fairly fast game as far as I know [don’t believe me though I’m not a good judge of how fast a game is going]. I owe the  fortunate  event of no unfortunate event during basketball mainly to my dear now-in-Thailand-brother sir Benjamin Andrew, because he inspired me, in days of yore, to become a gold medalist in  basketball. Which I certainly am not [ask anyone who has seen me play]. Well I have to go get ready to go to the Hiding Place rehearsal [yes I got in], so for now,

Adieu, -Kristi


4 thoughts on “Second Day of School

  1. Wow, keep up the regular posting! It’s impressive. My heartfelt sympathies in the sports struggles… hang in there. I wish now that I would have been forced to play… I probably would be quite a bit more athletic now.
    Anyway… cheerio! Looking forward to Monday! (I DO wonder what adventures Gareth and Lynette will have!)

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