First Day of School II

Well the first day of school is officially over, and I for one am relieved! I didn’t do anything horribly stupid, unless you call getting out the two times that you hit in softball, or being one of three or four people in a class of eighteen to take home homework. I got put up at the front of the class, which I was a bit nervous about, and after Math I had a panic attack were it was just a bit hard to breathe, I’ve had one before so I wasn’t worried, and soon calmed myself down.

Right now I would like to publicly thank Caroline [not sure what her last name is] for making me feel as if I fit in all the other girls really welcomed me and everything but, Caroline just went the second mile and made me feel just like I really… belonged or something. And not just this morning whenever we are at the same gathering she seeks me out and dispells any fears I had about being at strange church or in this case a strange school. Don’t get me wrong the other girls did a great job of welcoming me.

Well peoples I think school shall be tolerable![jk I always thought that I would have no trouble whatsoever tolerating it]

Cheerio, -Kristi


One thought on “First Day of School II

  1. wow! i’m glad u had a good day! and hopefully you won’t get too many panic attacks this year! just hang in there, once u get to know everyone well then it’s not bad at all! :).. trust me.. i’ve gone thru it before.:). eMily

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